final's ZE8000: A Cosy Listen

In light of the recent one-year retrospect of how my unit of the ZE3000 has been working for me. I've also recently been tinkering with the beautifully tactile, uniquely clunky final ZE8000, final Audio's flagship entry to its series of wireless earphones.

Today we'll be looking over these wireless powerhouses, their ergonomics, sound and anything else you might want to take note of before picking up a pair!


The ZE8000's cradle leans large, especially compared to the ZE3000, which is positively petite when you lay them out side by side. And while it fits well into pant pockets, it is a challenge to always find a spot for it in a smaller purse or bag.

Exhibit 1

The sliding cover has been a source of endless joy, I'm huge on tactile experiences so the cover's signature "thwock" sound when it closes (and opens) has been something I've been quite addicted to. 

These earphones fit like a dream, it's snug and secure and has lasted me the many times I've chased after buses. That said, it's undeniable that the stem of the ZE8000 earbuds /will/ stick out from the sides of your face: Your milege may vary according to how much you're okay with that. 

Be prepared for a fair bit of float
final Connect: The App
The ZE8000 features app support from final's "final Connect" app. Which features a few bluetooth app staples like noise cancelling, EQ and some extras, chief of which is final's 8K Audio toggle, where the ZE8000 uses an enhanced version of its usual signal processing for better results. We'll get back to this function in the sound section. 

The ZE8000's sound has a beautiful richness to it, thanks in no small part to it's deep, but clean bass. 

As much as ZE8000 has perfectly competent treble extension and detail, it doesn't exactly have a lot of final Audio's signature sparkly trebles to it, which might prove it to be the perfect match for the treble senstive folks out there. This also means that the ZE8000 leans warm.

The detailed bass, mids and the ZE8000's wonderfully intimate soundstage lends itself to an immersive listen. What's more surprising is that the ZE8000 features accurate instrument positioning and depth, a rarity for most earphones of this sound signature.

It's a pretty refreshing change from all the treble boosted options on the market. 

Contrary to my own expectations, hiitting the 8K toggle didn't only upgrade the default sound of the ZE8000, it also opens up a new dimension to the ZE8000's sound, upping the clarity, levity and detail of the ZE8000's presentation. The 8K mode does come with a caveat though, it saps up the ZE8000's battery significantly quicker than the ZE8000's default mode. This adds up to having to charge the earphones approximately once every 4 days. 


I'd snag this pair of earphones by virtue of sound itself, people who enjoy it's sound signature will find this an excellent investment.

While its sound signature is a little more coloured than most, including myself, would expect a pair of flagship earphones to be, the ZE8000's detail retrieval, soundstage and positioning sets it apart from the glut of wireless releases.

Beyond it's resolution and enjoyable, musical, presentation, these are a pair of earphones I'd describe as cosy. Perfect for curling up on an easy chair for an evening of tinkering with your playlists or mobile gaming. 

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