final Audio A5000: Possibly the best upgrade IEM

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A while back I reviewed final Audio’s A3000 and A4000. The A3000 featured a neutral, warm tone with… pretty good technicality while the A4000 featured a more clinical sound, reminiscent of their flagship sibling, the A8000.

Today I’m back here to tie up the series with the review of the brand-new final A5000 IEMs


Opening the box we see have the final Audio silicone case, this is actually a practical and excellent choice for IEM storage. Just snap them in place and throw them in your bag-- Works pretty well as a shockproof carrying case.

Also included is an eartip carrying case loaded with 5 pairs of final Audio's ubiquitous type-E eartips in different sizes. Ample experimentation for those who like to play with the seal and sound of the earphones.

Inside the silicone case houses the A5000 itself, paired with final's new OFC Silver-coated cable.


The chassis of the A5000 is in the same shape as the A4000/A3000, it's a nice angular shape that meets with your concha in a surprisingly comfortable fashion. It's comfortable for my ears but your mileage may vary.

The ABS casing features a Shibo finish, a surface technique that mimics the texture of other materials like leather. This is reminiscent of the finishing found on cameras. I'm personally extremely fond of it because it reminds me of the first camera I ever owned. (RIP Nikon D90)

The weight of the A5000 (light!) makes for comfortable, fatigue-free long-wearing sessions.

I am quite impressed by the cable: A 6-core cable box braided from the 3.5mm to the splitter. More importantlly, it has superb ergonomics, it's rare to find a soft, supple cable that doesn't immediately become a tangle monster when whipped out from a bag or pocket.

As such, using them was quite a treat.

Inside, the A5000 houses final’s latest dynamic driver the f-core DU that has a nice brass front housing: more inert to magnetic forces compared to regular aluminium used in just about a bazillion other dynamic driver earphones.


The A5000 is balanced, not emphasizing  any particular frequency band, making it a very versatile pair of IEMs that can suit most music choices really well.

Because it is so versatile, if you are coming from one of the budget IEMs this is an excellent upgrade option

Transience on the A5000 is speedy but not unnaturally so. Instruments have very clear separation and can sound very spritely and lively.

I like that there is a slight bump on the sub bass that gives it beautiful dynamics and a lively sound. 

Going in to the nitty gritty Bass on the A5000 is impactful and dynamic. Certainly enough for all genres. The bulk of the bass here is from the sub-bass and lower mid bass. This allows for a cleaner mid range presentation.

Bass has a good kick and is rather tight. Details are crisp and the rumble here is oh so satisfying. Speed of the bass is fast but not devoid of resonance.

These are not for ultra-bass heads but I think for the rest of us. It is great.


Midrange is well balanced in relation to the other spectrum. It does not sound congested although historically, many instruments and voices tend to crowd these frequency bands.

Instruments are well defined with little graininess. With details aplenty.

Female vocals are a treat with nice overtones. It is crisp and natural. I was listening to Michael Buble’s rendition of Home while writing this review and I must say that his voice is framed beautifully by the A5000. The slight emphasis on upper mids gives good shape to vocals.


Beautifully airy and articulate. Air is abundant in the A5000. The A5000 renders crashes and cymbals with a good bite but never rough.

Extension is adequately airy, and as such, decent. 

For me, when it comes to Treble, the lack of extension and roughness takes me away from the music. But I am pleased by how the A5000 renders this

Sound Stage

The A5000 is a very spacious listen, giving the listener a grand sense of scale that is done quite well.

You can hear the depth of the instruments with the A5000 pinpoint positioning, reminiscent of the A8000's positioning. 

Imaging is beautifully crafted on the A5000, lending to a greater sense of realism and immersion most would enjoy in their listening


At the end of it, the A5000 is a gem of an IEM especially at its price. Featuring a gloriously balanced sound, enchantingly beautiful imaging and ergonomics. This is a full-featured IEM for those looking beyond entry-level. 

Wheile this might now be one for absolute bassheads, it's something I'd easily recommend for almost everyone else.  


The final Audio A5000 is available on the Project Perfection online shop here

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