PP x DITA x FiR Asia April 1st Trade in Drive: For Real


 Itching to undo your regrets, move on from an ex AND get your hands on FiR Audio M Series or the Dream XLS? 

Here's your chance, Project Perfection is hosting a 1st April Trade-In Promotion for the FiR Audio M Series UIEMs and Dream XLS.
Yes, it starts on April 1.
No, it's not an April fools joke.

And yes, you read that right: PP is offering trade-ins from April 1st for the Dream XLS and the entirety of the M-Series UIEMS.
Because it isn't a joke, rules apply
1) Only UIEMs accepted
2) Product must be functional
3) Product must come with a stock cable

This promotion is open only to Singapore Residents: So if you happen have a Singaporean address and a pair of earphones lying about, you're absolutely eligible. 

Reach out to us either by sliding into our DMs on PP or DITA's Instagram and Facebook pages, you can also email kenneth@ditaaudio.com 

Send us a shot of your IEM with a stock cable and we'll work out a quote for you!

Spice up your social distancing with the Dream XLS and the FiR Audio M Series, all it takes is a Singaporean Address and a pair of spares.  

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