FiR Audio

FiR Audio M3


M3: The Balancing Act

Balanced neutral sound with a slight oomph to low frequencies to keep you immersed in your tunes.

The M3 pays homage to the classic, balanced studio sound while pairing it with FiR’s latest technological advances. Its dedicated bass dynamic driver provides deep bass extension and palpable bass detail, while 2 balanced armatures covering the midrange and treble respectively lend balance to the sound with an excitingly energetic midrange and effortlessly detailed and sparkly highs. These drivers are implemented with FiR's proprietary Direct Aperturedesign and the 3rd generation Atom pressure release system, providing an impeccably balanced sound with a vast soundstage while helping to alleviate listener fatigue — A signature perfect for extended mixing and audiophile use.


 System Format 3-driver hybrid
Driver Type

10mm dynamic driver

Balanced armature driver for Mid/Highs

Direct Treble balanced armature driver

Frequency Response 10 Hz - 20,000 Hz
Nominal Impedance 16.4 Ohms
Connection (Universal Fit) MMCX female socket (Gold Plated)
Chassis Material (Universal Fit)

Sandblasted and anodised aluminum

CNC-machined from a single block

Colour (Universal Fit)

Black body

Gunmetal silver faceplate 

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