The SRM-252S has been exclusively designed for STAX earspeakers. This driver unit works as an amplifier. Pair your headphones with the SRM-252S and enjoy the best that the world of music has to offer. With its high-quality PRO-bias 5-pin connector, the STAX SRM-252S can directly connect to a portable audio player, CD player or PC via its audio output terminal. You can also simultaneously connect it to a loudspeaker thanks to the parallel output terminal.

New high-voltage transistors and low-noise FETs are carefully selected for the best audio experience. Smooth and rich sound is produced by the output stage thanks to the emitter-follower configuration. The class-A amplification does not have any coupling capacitors. This lets you hear your music with every detail crystal-clear. The SRM-252S features a simple design that is high on functionality. This driver unit is the size of a CD jacket case. The aluminium extrusion chassis does away with the heat caused by the inbuilt class-A DC amplifier while at the same time, improving its reliability.


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