final Audio

final Audio A4000


final Audio's A4000 features a bright, rich sound with prominent and textured mid-to-high frequencies, possessing final's signature airy sparkle. The A4000 also possesses fast, dynamic bass and percussion performance, with vocals sitting more forward than they do on the A3000. Imaging, separation and layering are some of the greatest strengths of the A4000. The cymbals and guitar strings are clearly visible. A4000 has a quicker performance in low frequencies, strong dynamics and a heavier percussion feel, which makes the beat in music more clear.

The A4000's sound is best taken advantage of with fast-paced electronic or popular music, where the earphone's strengths can have full reign.

Build and Features.

The A4000 features a shell of ABS resin, with a black OFC cable terminated with 2-pin connectors on the earphone end. The A4000 also features final's new F-Core DU driver, a 6mm driver in a brass housing. This driver is designed to minimize driver warping and increase the cleanliness of the dynamic driver's motion

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