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final Audio UX3000

The UX3000 is the first wireless headphones from final featuring active noise cancelling with hybrid noise cancellation methodology. Generally, headphones and earphones which have noise cancelling feature equipped are having the driver units (speaker) emit a special electronically generated sound on top of the music or voice originally to be played to cancel out external noise. This puts stress on the drivers and leads to significant degradation of the sound quality.

Designed to fully optimize the acoustic characteristics of the driver itself. The UX3000 features a completely new driver which is designed to be strong against the extraneous frequencies applied to the driver during noise cancellation.

The UX3000 delivers both premium sound quality and stellar noise-canceling performance. Making it an essential in the kit of any audiophile on-the-go.

Peace and Quiet

The UX3000's noise cancelling function can also be used independently even when not listening to music. Serving as a soundproof pair of earmuffs in the office, or whenever you're craving a dose of piece and quiet.

Combined with the headphone's microphone function for making calls or teleworking web conferences, the UX3000 lets you shut out the world while clearly hearing whoever you're speaking to.

Premium Shibo Finish

The UX3000 boasts final audio's now signature Shibo finish, making it dirt-resistant, fingerprint-resilient, and overall better for daily use.

Multi Fit Housing: An Experience in Ergonomics and Comfort

The housing UX3000's housing can be rotated up, down, left or right to fit various head shapes. The housing also fits perfectly behind the ear, which is particularly vulnerable to gaps. The UX3000 feature soft earpads: Specifically designed to prevent fatigue even after long periods of use.

In addition to SBC and AAC, UX3000 supports aptX™ Low Latency, a low-latency codec that delivers high-quality sound with minimal interruptions and time delay. This allows you to enjoy music, games and videos with ease. And with multi-point connectivity, you can connect up to two devices at the same time, such as your PC and smartphone, and switch between them while they're connected.

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