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final Audio ZE2000

The ZE2000 is a new model tuned with a different concept inspired by the new standard in fully wireless earphones, ZE3000.

Embracing the basic and simple concept that "A true wireless earbud is an audio product, and therefore its priority should be sound quality", we opt to abandon features such as noise-canceling or ambiance mode which would influence the overall sonic characteristic. The ZE3000, on which the ZE2000 is based, was developed from the ground up with an innovative dynamic driver and acoustic internal design in order to fully deliver the best sound quality. The ZE3000, a product filled with these ideas, not only won the "Gold Award" and "Planning Award" at the VGP, Japan's largest audio award held in 2021 but also received the "Best Buy" award from the "Home Appliance Review," a specialized magazine dealing with all kinds of home appliances. The ZE3000 has been highly acclaimed not only by audiophiles but also by a wide range of mass consumers.

ZE2000 is based on the ZE3000 of its style, but the taste of sound is different. In contrast with the spacious and natural sound quality of the ZE3000, which allows users to feel the detailed sounds and resonances deep within the music, the ZE2000 brings the sound of vocals and instruments closer into the ear, presenting a complete enjoyment of every single bit of a piece of music.

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