final Audio

final x EVA 2020 3D Printed Binaural Earphones


Geared towards fans of old-school mecha: This special collaboration is between Japan’s final Audio, a company well known for its quality audio pieces, and the Evangelion Movie set to be in cinemas in January 2020.

It comes 3D printed with the Evangelion power plug molded over its 3.5mm connector, letting you juice up your music the way you charge an EVA This earphone is an absolute steal at just $43 dollars, down from it’s original $49 dollar price.

It has articulate and impactful bass while retaining the detail and nuances of the pieces it plays. It’s small, compact and has a cylindrical shape that’s suitable for a variety of ear shapes.

Housing: ABS
Driver: 6.4mm Dynamic Driver
Sensitivity: 98dB
Impedance: 16Ohms
Weight: 12g
Cord Length: 1.2

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