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Finkteam Borg


FinkTeam’s Borg is two-way floor standing design featuring a 10.25 inch high-power mid/bass driver and an Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter.

The FinkTeam Borg is designed as a more domestic friendly loudspeaker than Finkteam's first speaker the WM-4 Borg’s low-frequency tuning is designed to deliver weight and drama to music but without making it a total diva when it comes to room positioning.

Of course, it isn’t as good overall as the WM-4 but then neither does it demand a huge room and the finest amplifier and sources. Believe us when we say that Borg will rise to the challenge of the finest electronics, but they are not essential to enjoy Borg’s talents.

Mid-Bass Driver

As one would expect, Borg’s mid-bass driver is custom designed and manufactured precisely for the purpose.

10.25 inch mid/bass units are relatively unusual. Crossing them well to HF units is not trivial. Still, FinkTeam is a remarkable company: a significant technical challenge is just a design exercise that may take a little longer to solve. 

The benefits of a 10.25 inch mid/bass once heard are difficult to forget. A level of dynamics and naturalness around voices that is unusual and a richness to the sound without bloom or boom (in a well-designed system) that just sounds right. Smaller two-way systems sound anaemic after hearing a 10 inch.

The Borg’s mid/bass unit features similar thinking to the WM-4’s bass driver: low hysteresis surround (it too looks like a pro driver), a sizeable three-inch voice coil for better control and power handling and a low mass stiff paper cone.

Of course, it includes all the regular FinkTeam design essentials: an aluminium shorting ring on the centre pole to reduce voice coil inductance change with position and to reduce flux variation as a function of voice coil current.

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