FiR Audio

Five x Five


FiR Audio’s new Five x Five is designed solely for musical enjoyment: The EDC (every day carry) you reach for—that sounds good with everything.

Five x Five packs 5-drivers into a modified FiR Audio Chassis. Direct Aperture Technologies from FiR Audio’s flagship M-series brings the classic FiR sound to hobbyists and enthusiasts alike at a new and accessible price point: With just enough bells and whistles for a fun, swiss-army-knife-like IEM. 

Take your favourite performances and venues with you when you listen with the Five x Five.

Featuring a welcoming sound that promises immense enjoyment, the Five x Five has a full-bodied midrange presentation in a wide soundstage. Driver optimization and chassis design creates space in a natural manner: combining direct acoustic cues with reflective surfaces within the chamber of the earphone casing.

Features and Specs

1x Dynamic Driver

2x Mid-driver Balanced Armature

1x High-driver Balanced Armature

1x Ultra-high Driver Balanced Armature  

MMCX connectors

2.5mm TRRS balanced connector

Chassis: Hybrid 6000 aluminum and DuPont Delrin ® engineering plastic. 

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