Lotoo’s Mjolnir combines Hi-Fi audio prowress with unmatched versatility. Embodying a compact, powerful audio solution. Delivering exceptional performance and elevating the audio experience to new heights.

An exciting leap from Lotoo’s hand-held DAPs, the Mjolnir ventures into the realm of desktop audio: Elegantly combining sophistication and portability in a sleek, all-metal design. Offering audiophiles a unique and exceptional audio experience.

Mjolnir represents the culmination of Lotoo’s two decades of audio R&D: An all-in-one audio system that sets a new standard in audio excellence: Uncompromising sound quality in a portable package.

With it’s compact design, the Mjolnir achieves a 132dB signal-to-noise ration, noise level below 0.8µV rms, and 134dB dynamic range on the foundation of 2.5W output power per channel.

The Mjolnir features a fully separated, multi-layer PCB circuit design, multi-processor architecture, independent power supply, and an independent 3mm thick locked-in shield. All things that contribute to the Mjolnir fully unleashing the AK4499EQ’s performance.


8-15 Hours of playback time
3.5mm Unbalanced, 4.4mm Balanced 6.35 Unbalanced and 4-pin XLR balanced ports
WiFi Steaming for Roon (Certification Pending)
Bidirectional Bluetooth Connection
Digital Input
USB connection
Comes with a tailor-made genuine leather carrying bag.  


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