NCF Clear Line AC Power Supply Optimizer


NCF Clear Line AC Power Supply Optimizer

Srajan Ebaen  of 6moons.com says:

“…once you’ve heard it then heard it taken away, you won’t want to deny yourself if you can at all avoid it..”

“…you won’t be able to remain a tweak cynic when you hear this!”



Transparency increased, high frequency noise reduced, better punch in the mids

Overall greater contrast and clarity

All pluses, no negatives


Yoshio Obara (Japanese Audio Commentator)

This product is fantastic! Of all the products Furutech has introduced these past years, this might be the most effective.

Performance on CD/SACD playback:

・Incredible improvement in signal/noise ratio bringing more detail in increased nuances

・Sudden increase in sound stage

・Reduction in noise boosts resolution

・Tighter bass

Performance on Analog playback:

・Takes dynamic contrast to another level

・Increased dynamic range

・Deeper and more power low end

・Improved clarity in sound and intonation

Performance on Video playback:

・Greater contrast

・Extension in highlights

・Greater image depth

・Crisper color reproduction

・Greater texter and image detail due to lower noise

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