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PREORDER: final Audio D7000


Please note that the following is only a Preorder, stocks will be available at Canjam Singapore.

D7000 is the newest in final Audio's D-Series continuing the series by compiling excellent tuning and stellar craftsmanship with novel concepts like washi earpads and top-notch earmuff technology

Driver Technology
The D7000 features a new and improved version of final Audio's Air Film Damping System (AFDS) From the original dual-magnetic, planar-magnet driver structure, the D7000 utilises a single-magnetic structure that can both push and pull a single diaphragm. Allowing the diaphragm a larger activity space and resulting in larger amplitude. Creating a more powerful low-frequency response and a sense of space.

Newly-developed open type earpads
Most headphones, both closed-back and opened-back headphones, have sealed earpads in order to extend the reproduction frequency to bass to compensate for the lack of bass reproduction capability of the driver unit.

However, in order to express the natural, expansive, high-quality bass, the driver unit itself must be capable of reproducing those low frequencies and paired together with breathable earpads. However, conventional planar magnetic drivers and most dynamic drivers suffer from the lack of low-frequency range when paired with breathable earpads.

With D series, the reproduction band of bass frequencies has been extended through AFDS, and it has become possible to sufficiently reproduce bass frequencies even with earpads that are not sealed tightly just with driver unit ability.

For the D7000, the earpads that greatly influence sound quality have been newly developed from Washi, Japanese traditional paper, which has excellent durability, air permeability, moisture control, and antibacterial/odor-eliminating properties.

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